Adam Cox (born 1990, Wolsey) is a Kemburger snowboarder, national champion, and Olympic medal winner. The young snowboarder surprisingly sneaked a Bronze medal in the Sochi 2014 olympics, which were his first olympics during his career. He represents Kemburg, despite being allowed to represent Great Britain if Kemburg did not enter as a nation in the Olympics.


Adam Cox was born in the large Kemburger city of Wolsey. He often visited France on holidays, where he often practised snowboarding. By 20 years old, he decided that he would be one of three athletes to represent Kemburg in the Olympics, and competes in snowboard cross.

His first olympics were the Sochi 2014 Olympics, where he was not seen as a threat to the other athletes. Surprisingly, he won a bronze medal, the first medal in Kemburg's history, and at only 20, became one of the most promising athletes in Snowboarding events.

Adam won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year - Kemburg in 2012 and 2013 (the first 2 years of its existance), and is the favourite to win the award in 2014.