Andrew Clarke
Personal information
Full name Andrew Clarke
Born 28 May 1978, Kemburg City
Height 175 cm (5'9)
Home 6 Flanders Gate, Kemburg City
Functions Prime Minister of Kemburg
Languages English
Religious stance Roman Catholic

Andrew Clarke (born May 28, 1978 in Kemburg City) is the incumbent Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Kemburg, and the leader of the political party, the Conservative Party. He has been the Prime Minister of Kemburg since 2005, being elected for three consecutive terms. He became the leader of the Conservative Party in 2003, and a Member of the Parliament in 2001. He currently resides at 6 Flanders Gate, the official house of Prime Ministers in Kemburg.

Clarke is also a popular businessperson in Kemburg, and the owner of several companies. He is the 20% owner of the national Kemburger airline, Kemburg Air, and the owner of Second Division football club "tbd". He is one of the most popular business and political figures in Kemburg.


Early lifeEdit

Andrew Clarke was born to James Clarke and Maria Clarke, who lived in a small apartment in Kemburg City. His mother was of Brunanter origin, however James and Maria married 3 years before Andrew's birth. From a young age, Andrew Clarke was very interested in politics, and was a supporter of the Conservative Party. He was also very interested in business. He attended a public school in Kemburg City, and was considered outstanding. At University, he studied Philosophy, Politics, and Education.

Early careerEdit

He began his career in Politics by joining the Conservative Party's youth group, Conservative Youth. He quickly graduated, and became a Member of the Parliament in 2001. His contributions to his constituency (Avaley North) saw him become the leader of the Conservative Party in 2003, and his political career only became better.

Prime MinisterEdit

Andrew Clarke became the Prime Minister of Kemburg in the 2005 General Elections, for the first time, and formed a coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party. He made major contributions to the Kingdom and Kemburg, and became liked by the Kemburger public and citizens. He was re-elected in the Kemburg general election, 2010, where he became the first Prime Minister to be in office for only four years, because of a recent change in the Law. In the Kemburg general election, 2014, he was elected yet again, making him the first person to be elected as the Prime Minister of Kemburg three consecutive times.

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