Name Belmont
Region Lower Region
Population 80,543
Language English
Nicknames Industrialton
Mayor Oliver Clarke

Belmont is an industrial town located in the the Belside Parish of the Lower Region of Kemburg. It is one of the oldest settlements in the IWO, however is not regulary visited by tourists. It's main source of income is the football fans coming to visit the town to watch their respective teams play against Belmont. It has a population of approximately 80,000 inhabitants and its current mayor is Oliver Clarke.


Belmont was originally founded by English settlers in the 1400's as the first known settlement. It was the hub of operations on the island, and was used for trade between Kemburg and other West European Countries. The town name is also named after the first settler on Kemburg, Henry Belmont. It was the capital of the island until 1843, when Kemburg City was built in the Upper District of Kemburg. It's reputation fell, as trade was mainly performed in other settlements on the Eastern Coast of Kemburg, and therefore many citizens started moving out of the town. By the 20th Century, approximately 1,000 people were living in the town, and it was heavily abandoned.

In 1940, Belmont was occupied by Nazi Germany and occupied by the Axis. Due to its location and small amount of citizens, it was the easiest place to invade, and bring supplies over from Germany. An army base was built in the town, and was the capital of Axis-occupied Kemburg. Kemburg was invaded fully by the Axis, but in 1943 was liberated by the Allies. The town would become an abandoned town again, therefore in November 1943, Belmont was reconstructed into a modern industrial town. The modernisation attracted new immigrants into the country, and many former Belmonter families moved back into the town.


Belmont's main sources of tourism are water-activity fans, and business trips to the town. Due to it's industrial modernisation, it is less appealing to tourists than other seaside resorts, and therefore does not attract many people for seaside holidays. It also hosts the very reputable football club, Belmont Athletic which attracts away fans to come to watch the match, and explore other areas of the Town.


Belmont has a mayor, who is currently Oliver Clarke. He is also the representative of Belmont in the Belside Parish. Belside Parish consists of 10 seats, and Belmont currently covers 3 seats. In the most recent election for the Mayoral role and the Representative of Belmont, Oliver Clarke of the Liberal Democratic Party won, closely followed by the Kemburger Conservative Party who won a seat, followed by the Socialist Party who won the final seat in the Council.


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