Coat of Arms
Language Bournish
Demonym Bournish
Government Proposed Nation (Republic)
Area 2,328 sq. km.
Capital Belmont
Population 98,760
Time zone GMT (UTC +1), BST (UTC+2) (Summer)
Currency Bournish pound (B£)

Bournish is a proposed country, language, and group of people. It is a proposed country taking the land of Belside Parish and Brookebury Parish. The language is used by many people in the Lower District of Kemburg, mainly the land of the proposed country. Bournish would become a Republic, and the Prime Minister would be Oliver Clarke. The capital of the nation would be Belmont, a large industrial town.

The country would have a population of 98,760, unless land claims were expanded. The Bournish pound would be the national currency, and it is already accepted by many different shops in Bournish land.




Bournish is a West Germanic language that is spoken by Bournish people in two of the Southern parishes of Kemburg, the Brookebury Parish and Belside Parish. It has existed for around 250 years, and is regulated by the Bournish Language Authority. It is similar to the official language of Kemburg, English, and has no difference in grammar.

Despite originating in Kemburg, it has also recently spread to Devon, and there is two communities in the English county both named Bournish. There is approximately 20,000 Bournish speakers that live in Devon, according to a recent census.


Bournish people is a term for speakers of the Bournish language. According to a recent survey, most Bournish people want people to have been born in the proposed country of Bournish (Belside and Brookebury Parish) to become an official Bournish person.