John Willis

John Willis

John Willis (11 July 1995) is a Kemburg football goalkeeper playing for Kemburg City F.C. and the Kemburg U-21 football team as a goalkeeper. Willis has been praised by Luke Pellett, current Kemburg and KCFC keeper, who believed he could become his replacement in several years' time at the international level.


Willis joined the KCFC youth squad in 2007, having gone throgh a local academy first. Willis went through the club's youth levels and was briefly sent on loan to Traspesian side CD Lamedina in the fall of 2013, appearing in two matches. Willis is now KCFC's secondary keeper and is set to becom Pellett's long-term replacement.

Willis has played for the Kemburg U21 team since 2013 and he often rotates with Jack Revie for the starting position.