Kemburg national football team
Nicknames The Oranges, The Mandarins
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Founded 1934
Head coach Michael Laudrup
Captain Simon Wilson
Home Stadium Kemburg Arena

The Kemburg national football team represents Kemburg at association football and is controlled by the Kemburg Football Association, the governing body for football in Kemburg. Kemburg are one of the most successful wikinations in football, with a total of two WNFA World Championship titles. The Kemburg national football team's home stadium is the 65,000 seater Kemburg Arena, and the current team manager is the highly reputable Danish manager, Michael Laudrup. The team was founded in 1934, and played their first match against one of the largest professional Sark teams on November 21, 1934.


Kemburg jersey

Kemburg's jersey

Kemburg starting lineup 2014

Kemburg's current lineup

The national team was officially founded in 1934, playing their first match against a Sark team in November, a scoreless draw. Kemburg was never a strong team, but significant development in the First Division and significant support and investment from England helped raise the level of football after World War II.

The late 1960s and early 1970s were the golden age for Kemburg, led by a generation of talented players such as James Tennant and David Walker. For WFC 1968, Kemburg finished third, defeating Libertas 1-0 in the bronze match. In WFC 1972 they were the star team of the tournament. Their appearance in the final was only the second such appearance for a wikination. Kemburg defeated The Gambia 3-0 to win the tournament. By WFC 1976 Kemburg had lost many of its stars due to retirement and the national team was not as strong. In 1980 Kemburg's 1-4 group loss to a Brunant led by Willem Bergher marked the rise of that country to the top of wikinational football.

Kemburg's football became stronger as the 1990s progressed. In WFC Libertas '92, Kemburg made it to the quarter-finals but were knocked out by finalists Inselöarna. In WFC 1996 Kemburg had two tough losses to Singapore and Wales which saw them exit at the group stages.

Since then thay have finished in the quarter-finals for WFC 2000 and 2002, but were unable to progress past that stage. After failing to qualify for 2004, Kemburg won WFC 2006, though for 2008 they also failed to qualify. At WFC 2010, Kemburg won their group but were matched with Libertas in the quarter-finals, losing 2-0.

Kemburg is in qualifying for WFC 2014. Their group has Libertas, Liechtenstein and Singapore. Kemburg and secured a first home 2-0 victory over Liechtenstein.

Uniform and colorsEdit

Kemburg uses a light green shirt for home matches and white with green away. Their jerseys have been green since their first official international in 1948, using green military shirts in place of custom-made ones. Since then they have been light green with black or white. Away shirts were white and green striped in the 1970s and are now solid white with green bits. The team used an orange jersey in the 1990s and 2000s as an alternate shirt.


No. Player Birth Position Club
1 Luke Pellett (C) 1980 Goalkeeper Flagofkemburg Kemburg City F.C.
2 Samuel Paul 1984 Defender Flagofkemburg Kemburg City F.C.
3 Danny Nialson 1991 Defender Brunant-flag FC Donderar
4 Andy McCarthy 1993 Defender Flagofkemburg North Beach
5 James Nark 1990 Midfielder Brunant-flag FC Willemstad
6 Sam Jansen 1990 Defender Flagofkemburg Bishops A.F.C.
7 Emil Spencer 1982 Midfielder Flagofkemburg Kemburg City F.C.
9 Allan Banks 1985 Midfield Flagofkemburg Tattington Road
10 Mike Murray 1990 Forward Brunant-flag FC Willemstad
11 Jonathan Woodgate 1981 Forward Flagofkemburg Tattington Road
13 Austin Rodgers 1992 Forward Flagofkemburg North Beach
18 Simon Wilson 1988 Goalkeeper Flagofkemburg Wolsey Athletic
21 Robin Tunneys 1990 Midfielder/FW Brunant-flag Grijzestad Strijders
24 James Giles 1988 Forward Flagofkemburg Avaley Park FC

Recent call-upsEdit

The following players have been called up for Kemburg squad within the past 12 months.

Position Player Birth Club
GK James Osbourne 1990 Libertas flag FC Olympia
DF John Highdon 1977 Flagofkemburg Battery FC
MF Peter McIngs 1992 Flagofkemburg North Beach
MF Phil Little 1985 Flagofkemburg Kemburg City F.C.


The principal football stadium for the Kemburg men's national football team is the approximate 60,000 seater in Kemburg City, the Kemburg Arena. It has been recently built in 2000 as a project by the Department of Sport. It is one of the largest national team stadiums in WNFA and has a larger stadium than the likes of Lovia and Brunant's national stadiums. A secondary stadium is occasionaly used, which is Leon's stadium. Leon's stadium is used in matches against France, Spain and Portugal due to the french speaking communities in Leon. The Kemburg U-21 national football team plays it's home matches at Tattington Road's home stadium, the LBS Stadium which has a seated capacity of 28,200 and both of the teams train at the LBS Stadium.

Recent matchesEdit

  1. Kemburg vs. Kazakhstan 0-0 (D) Friendly Match
  2. Slovenia vs. Kemburg 3-1 (L) Friendly Match
  3. Algeria vs. Kemburg 0-1 (W) Friendly Match
  4. Kemburg vs. Luxembourg 2-2 (D) Friendly Match
  5. Kemburg vs. Leichtenstein 2-0 (W) WFC 2014 qualifier (3 points)
  6. Libertas vs. Kemburg 2-1 (L) WFC 2014 qualifier (0 points)
  7. Singapore vs. Kemburg 3-1 (L) WFC 2014 qualifier (0 points)