KEMTACT forces training in a Kemburger training camp, thought to be located on Little Maunce.

Kemburger Tactical Forces (KEMTACT) are a Kemburger elite division and assault force, consisting of approximately 1000 Kemburger men and is part of the Kemburger Armed Forces. They are trained with modern weapons, and are compared to the AMTACT division of Brunant, who also receive new weapons every 6 months. They have been involved with many situations including the Lovian Civil War and previous terrorist attacks in Kemburg City.


The Kemburger Tactical Forces were founded in 2000, as part of the Military Reform which saw a new Kemburger military (Kemburger Armed Forces) setup by the Department of Defense at the time. The Kemburger Tactical Forces was one of the two new divisions of the forces, the other being the Kemburger Air Force. Their headquarters was made on the island of Little Maunce, which is home to many military camps and is not open to the Public. The Kemburg Tactical Forces, which are commonly known as KEMTACT was thought to be created due to the rising numbers of conflicts, tensions and wars arising in the world.