Luis Aveira

Luis Ricardo Aveira da Silva (born 12 July 1982) is a Portuguese-Kemburger former footballer and one of the most controversial figures in the sport. Aveira da Silva played for Kemburg City F.C. from 2004 to 2007 and was a good forward, but it was discovered in 2007 that he was using drugs and the Kemburg Football Association banned him for six months. He was then released from his club. He went to North Beach Kemburg in December 2007 and was able to turn around his personal life and became a top scorer in the First Division, winning the KFA's Best Player award. But, the next season, he returned to drug use and was released from the club. He played three months at Belmont Athletic before retiring from the game.

Aveira was refeered to by his managers as "a talented striker, no doubt, but filled with bad judgement that prevented him from being the next big star in Kemburg". He was able to play for the Kemburg national football team, but was not called up as he was only allowed to during his worst spell at Belmont Athletic.