Prince James
Personal information
Full name James Edward Clarke
Born 28 January, 1995, Kemburg City
Height 191 cm (6'3)
Home Beachside, Kemburg City
Functions Prince of Kemburg
Languages English, German
Religious stance Roman Catholic

Prince James (born January 28, 1995) is a Kemburger prince and heir to the throne. He is currently engaged to Brunanter princess, Stephanie Van Draak. He is famous for his interest in Sport and Video Games, and has been spotted playing on his Xbox360 in the past. He is a Roman Catholic, along with the rest of his family. He is the current head of the Kemburger Armed Forces.


Prince James Edward Clarke was born on the 28th January 1995, in Kemburg City Hospital. He is the only child of King Edward I, the current King and his wife Queen Catherine. Thought to be under the influence of his father, he became very interested in Sports at a young age, supporting football club North Beach Kemburg, along with the other members of the Royal Family. He studied hard at school, and went on to study German, which he is now a fluent speaker. The prince trained with North Beach's youth academy when he was younger and later trained with the military. The prince is studying history at the University of Kemburg, but is presently doing a one-year exchange at the Royal University of Koningstad.


Prince James currently lives at the Leonhouse, a large Kemburger house east of Leon. He was given the house by his father, King Edward I, who was using the house as a second residence at the time. Princess Stephanie, his girlfriend lives with him at the house. The house is well designed and is a white Neoclassical house. It has been compared to the White House, the President of the United States of America's residence.

Personal lifeEdit

Prince James became engaged to Brunanter princess, Stephanie van Draak, who despite currently residing in Brunant, will move to Kemburg in the near future. James and Stephanie were married on 16 November 2016.