Name Sandhill
Region Lower Region
Population 28,956
Language English
Nicknames Sandy Hill
Mayor Matthew Smith

Sandhill is a small seaside village located in the Lower Region of Kemburg with a population of around 30,000 inhabitants. The popular seaside resort was founded in 1965 by the Lower Region regional government to attract more tourism to the country, and win more tourists from Kemburg City to come to the Lower Region coastline. It is also home to the Sandhill Tower, which is a third of the size of the Eiffel Tower and was recently changed from a Hamlet to a Village in 2012.


The very popular seaside resort, Sandhill, was constructed in 1965 by the Lower Region Regional Government to attract more foreign tourism into the country. It took 8 months to construct the resort, and most buildings currently in the village were still around in the original village.


Being one of the few coastal settlement across Kemburg, Sandhill is a very popular resort village and attracts tourists from around the world. Many Kemburgers also come to visit the village due to the famous Sandhill Tower which is located in the centre of Sandhill. Many football fans often also come to the village to see Sandhill United F.C. or support Sandhill's opponent.

The Sandhill Art Gallery also draws tourists to the town.



Sandhill has a local government (council) that consists of 15 seats, unlike most local councils which only consist of 10 seats. The leading party of Sandhill is the Liberal Democratic Party with 6 seats in the Council. The second most popular party is the local council is the Conservative Party with 3 seats, closely followed by the Sandhill Citizens Party with a total of 2 seats. Sandhill Parish, due to its size does not have a parish government, and the local government is used to govern other areas in the Parish.

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