UOK FC is the football club representing the University of Kemburg, which plays in the Second Division. It consists mainly of youth players from the University of Kemburg and its international partners, as well as a handful of more experienced players. Until the 2013-14 season, it was ineligible for promotion, despite being quite a prominent team in the division.

UOK FC plays its matches at the Kemergy Arena, located at the main (Locklett) campus of the University.

Current squadEdit

The main squad includes three "veteran" (i.e. somewhat older) players, Andrew Landley, Graham Brown (the captain) and Michiel de Wit.

No. Country Position Player
1 Flagofkemburg GK Andrew Landley
2 SAU DF Youssir Oussadi
3 Flagofkemburg DF Jordan Michaels
4 Flagofkemburg DF Graham Brown (C)
5 HRV DF Wilson Selua
6 Brunant-flag MF Marco Wilser
7 Flag of the Netherlands MF Michiel de Wit
8 Flagofkemburg MF Anthony Anderson
9 Flagofkemburg FW Lloyd Johnson
10 MAR FW Mohammed El-Chakri
11 Flagofkemburg FW Simon Ashford


No. Country Position Player
12 Flagofkemburg GK Charlie Cole
13 Flagofkemburg DF Darren Hale
14 EnglandFlag MF David Anderson
15 Flagofbelgium MF Simon Leser
16 SAI FW Victor Redford
17 CPV FW Valério
18 Flagofkemburg DF Vincent Lee
19 Flagofkemburg MF Menuhid Hassan Singh
22 HRV FW Dillinger Fe'suma (on loan from University of Harvia FC)
23 SAM DF Vali Lamosu (on loan from University of Harvia FC)

Notable former playersEdit